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Troy Education Enhancement Foundation (TEEF)



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Honor our heritage by enhancing our future.



Congratulations Class of 2022! 

Honor your favorite Troy Class of 2022 Senior by donating $22 for the Class of 2022 to TEEF. TEEF will send certificates to honored seniors notifying them of your support and we will have a special social media post listing all honored seniors and their donors prior to graduation—$22 for ’22.  A great way to honor our THS Seniors!

Donations will be accepted via VENMO @TEEFTroy or snail mail sent to P. O. Box 98, Troy, TX 76579.  The donor will need to include the name of the Senior they are donating in honor of and how they want their name(s) listed.  The information needs to be received by May 18th to be included in the Honor the Seniors in the class of ’22 before graduation.


TEEF Honor Your Favorite Grad!




Mission: The Troy Education Enhancement Foundation provides philanthropic support to promote excellence in teaching

to inspire student learning through faculty and staff enrichment. 







Legacy Member Drive and Fundraiser Banquet Results

The Troy Education Enhancement Foundation (TEEF) was officially launched at a banquet and membership drive held at the Troy High School Commons on Saturday, April 2. The theme for the evening was the vision for the Foundation: Honor our Heritage by Enhancing Our Future. 

The event raised more than $117,000 in support of the newly established education foundation. It’s not too late to become a legacy member of the foundation. Individuals who join the foundation at any dollar amount prior to the end of the year will be considered Legacy Members. Donors may also choose to become TEEF sponsors at the following levels:

Diamond Sponsor--$10,000+

Platinum Sponsor--$5,000+

Gold Sponsor--$2,500+

Silver Sponsor--$1,000+

Bronze Sponsor--$500+


Donations to TEEF may be made by check. Mail checks to: TEEF PO Box 98 Troy, TX 76579. You may also use the Venmo QR code below to donate. 


Banquet Venmo QR Code


If requested by Venmo, use this four-digit code: 3856


The Troy Education Enhancement Foundation (TEEF) believes that success for the future lies in the enhancement of the education of our students.  We believe that each student is unique, has the ability to learn, has an inherent desire for success, and will contribute in some way to society.  We believe teachers need support to provide the tools necessary for student success.  We also believe that student success is impacted by the resources available to faculty and staff.  TEEF is committed to contributing to the success of both students and staff.  The Foundation membership is comprised of alumni, parents, staff of Troy ISD, community members, businesses, and other benefactors. The Troy Education Enhancement Foundation provides philanthropic support to promote excellence in teaching to inspire student learning through faculty and staff enrichment. 


  • Educates alumni, parents, Troy ISD staff, community members and businesses in the mission of TEEF
  • Provides opportunities for alumni, parents, Troy ISD staff, community members, and businesses to be involved in the learning processes of the students of Troy ISD through financial support
  • Provides supplemental financial support through grants, awards, and scholarships to faculty and staff of Troy ISD
  • Encourages student success in all academic and extra-curricular areas
  • Promotes community awareness of TEEF activities
  • Utilizes proper business principles including sound accounting practices and operating procedures in all actives
  • Follows  good stewardship of donations received to perpetuate its viability


The Troy Education Enhancement Foundation is a nonprofit foundation organized for educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and the Texas Tax Code, Section 11.18.