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TEEF Grants for Educator Excellence—2023 Application Process and Timeline

January 2—Announcement of Grant Process, Application Requirements, and Timeline to all faculty and staff 

January 17—Application available—Click HERE for the TEEF Grant Application—Click HERE for the TEEF Grant Scoring Rubric

Click HERE for the Temple/Belton Board of Realtors Teacher Grant Application—This is a separate grant competition from TEEF. You may apply for both. Applying for one does not automatically mean you are applying for both. The application requirements and scoring rubric are the same for both grant competitions.

January 18—Grant writing workshop via Zoom, Live at 4:00 pm—Click HERE for the link to the recorded video session. Here is the passcode: R+*UJ+R5

March 3—Due date for applications--All applications must be printed, signed, and then turned in to the District Curriculum and Technology Offices on the west side of Troy High School. No emailed applications will be accepted.

March 6-24—Anonymous scoring by TEEF Grants Committee

May 25—Recognition of 2023 awardees during the Employee Appreciation Luncheon

TEEF Grants for Educator Excellence

2022 Awardee List and Brief Grant Description Ordered by Campus

1. Mays Elementary School—Kindergarten Classroom Store
Grant Recipients: Kirsten Rauch and Elaine Roberts—grant will benefit all six Kindergarten teachers.
Summary: Kindergarten students will have real-life experience with money and the concept of money through the purchase of items in the classroom store. Students learn about earning money and how to spend and when they may need to save. The grant targets the Personal Financial Literacy standards for Kindergarten.
Total grant request: $1,812.15.

KR teef grant   ER teef grant   KK teef grant   Teef Grant   SM Teef Grant   SR teef grant

2. Troy Elementary School—Innovative Classroom Furniture for the 4th Grade Math Classroom--Whiteboard “topped” student desks and horseshoe teacher table.

Grant Recipient: Bethany Franklin
Summary: Mrs. Franklin will be receiving innovative, white-board “topped” student desk and teacher table for the purpose of providing a convenient workspace for students and so she can efficiently monitor and provide feedback on student work in real time. The furniture will replace older existing furniture. Total grant request: $7,729.23

BF teef grant

3. Troy Elementary School—Boogie Board Re-WriteTablets for reading and math instruction.

Grant Recipients: Chrystal Vriseno and Jenna Metcalf
Summary: Students will use electronic “tablets” for math and writing skills practice, eliminating the need for paper or even whiteboards and markers. Boogie boards are fun and engaging for kids to use while they learn in the classroom.
Total grant request: $767.52.

JM teef grant   CV teef grant

4. Troy Elementary School—Portable Microphone and Speaker System and Instruments for the Music Classroom and Performances

Grant Recipient: Mike Franklin

Summary: Troy Elementary School students are learning to sing and to play instruments, and they often need a good sound system for in-class use as well as public performances. The new PA system will have them singing and playing loud and clear! Plus, keyboards and ukuleles will make for new music-making opportunities for students.
Total grant request: $4,949.65.


5. Raymond Mays Middle School—Flexible Seating for the Math Classroom Grant Recipient: Stacey Golden
Summary: Grant funds will be used to purchase flexible seating for students, including wobble stools, fidget bands for fidgety feet, and spinning stools. Students will choose their seating option that best keeps them focused on learning.

SG teef grant

6. Raymond Mays Middle School—CNC Machine for Building Trades
Grant Recipient: John Branton
Summary: The purchase of a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine will allow RMMS to offer a new elective course that encourages student creativity through the use of hands-on building trades technology. The machine cuts, carves, and etches wood, plastic, aluminum, metal, and more. Total grant request: $5,135.

JB teef grant

7. Raymond Mays Middle School—Art Display Panels
Grant Recipient—Christene Ortiz
Summary: Students produce a variety of original art works using a variety of media. New art panels will allow for the proper display of art for showcase events on and off campus. Students enjoy seeing their artwork proudly displayed.
Total grant request: $1,812.15.

CO teef grant

8. District-wide—G/T Instructional Seminars
Grant Recipient: Samantha Preece
Summary: G/T students will engage in rigorous, technology-rich projects and independent research, resulting in a showcase of student work for other students, parents, and the community. Grant funds will be used for supplies and materials needed to carry out the projects.
Total grant request: $1,000.

SP teef grant