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TEEF Grants for Educator Excellence—2024-25 Application Process and Timeline 

January 2—Announcement of Grant Process, Application Requirements, and Timeline to all faculty and staff 

January 22 —Application now available!

Click HERE for the TEEF Grant Application fillable PDF

Click HERE for the TEEF Grant Application in editable Word

Click HERE for the TEEF Grant Scoring Rubric

Current (2023-2024) TEEF Grant recipients must complete their grant evaluation report to be eligible to receive a 2024-2025 grant. Click HERE to complete the TEEF grant evaluation form. This is due for all current grantees no later than April 30, 2024.

February 12 at 4:00 p.m.—Virtual grant writing workshop Provided by  Dr. Darrell Becker. Click HERE to see the short video.

March 22, 5:00 pm– Due date for applications--All applications must be printed, signed, and then turned in to the District Curriculum and Technology Offices on the west side of Troy High School. No emailed applications will be accepted.

March —Anonymous scoring by TEEF Grants Committee

May —Recognition of 2024 awardees during the Employee Appreciation Luncheon

TEEF Grants for Educator Excellence—2023-2024 School Year

More than $58,000 in TEEF grants were approved and awarded for the  2023-24 school year!

In April 2023, the Grant Committee made surprise visits to the classrooms or areas of responsibility to present the grants. 

Dr. Darrell Becker (District-wide Staff Development) $8,150.00

Wendy Ruddell (TES Typing program-3rd, 4th, 5th) $5,773.60

Shayla Rawls (RMMS Timing Equipment-Athletics) $3,768.00

Kasey Bass (District-wide Truancy prevention) $1,700.00

Kirsten Rauch, Brittany Martin, Sonja Ramirez, Kendall Kozeny, Stephanie Pulaski, Brea Hackett (MES- Supplies for Kindergarten Store) $1,200.00

Cynthia Guin (THS Calculators-HS Science) $5,142.00

Eryn Edlund, Jeannie Ryan, Sara Marquez, Tina Locklin (MES Garden Projects-Pre-K.) $ 473.04

Shelley Martinez (THS Geometry Manipulatives) $389.35

Mike Franklin (TES Musical Instruments) $2,129.91

Rustin Honeycutt (RMMS I Pads-Music) $3,379.60

Rustin Honeycutt (THS I Pads-Music) $3,429.80

Andrea Morris (THS Art Equipment/Supplies) $18,000.00

Tyler Coufal (THS Chute System/Turn Table-Ag) $4,490.00