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GT Hub for Troy ISD Students

Posted Date: 10/18/2021

GT Hub for Troy ISD Students

Troy ISD is pleased to provide an enrichment opportunity for gifted and talented learners within the district.

The Texas State Plan for Gifted/Talented Learners states that gifted learners should be assured an array of learning opportunities that are commensurate with their abilities and that emphasize content in the four foundational curricular areas. In an effort to make this a reality for our learners at Troy ISD, we have created a G/T Enrichment Hub. The G/T Hub is a resource housed in the Schoology learning management system to be used for teachers to locate specific resources for classroom use with G/T students. (See screenshot shown below.)

Inside the G/T Hub,  teachers will find instructional resources and enrichment opportunities for students organized by unit. Ultimately, the learning experiences shared in the Hub are connected to classroom content and provide the opportunity for gifted learners to dive deeper into what is being learned. The goal is for this implementation to make GT enrichment opportunities both manageable and meaningful for everyone involved. The GT Hub provides a place for teachers to access purposeful learning extensions as they plan their weekly lessons. Troy ISD’s G/T program is coordinated by Samantha Preece. For more information, contact Mrs. Preece at 254-938-7886.