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Teacher Incentive Allotment Celebrates Educator Excellence

Posted Date: 05/30/2024

Superintendent Neil Jeter, alongside Troy ISD staff, celebrated teachers under the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) Program by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The TIA Program is designed to identify and reward top-performing teachers in Texas school districts, aiming to recruit, support, and retain highly effective educators who exemplify our district's standards of excellence in learning.

Troy ISD was awarded $339,538 in incentive allotments, benefiting a group of 26 teachers in the district as well as others who contributed to student success. The program's primary objective is to prioritize educators, incentivizing their continued commitment to the classroom while aligning campuses with the district's mission and vision initiatives.

Teachers eligible for the TIA can earn one of three designations: Recognized, Exemplary, or Master. Two key metrics in evaluating teachers were: Student growth percentages and teacher evaluation scores. 

The Texas Teacher Incentive Allotment and Troy ISD are proud to announce the following designations:

Mays Elementary School: 

Recognized Recipients: 

Raelynn Spicer, Kindergarten 

Candy Shulz, 1st Grade 

Exemplary Designations: 

Kirsten Rauch, 1st Grade 

Juana Loa, 2nd Grade 

Leah Sullwold, 2nd Grade 


Troy Elementary School: 

Recognized Designations: 

Amber Clendening, 5th Grade 

Kim Maxwell, 5th Grade 

Exemplary Designations: 

Erin Sims, 3rd Grade 

Bethany Franklin, 4th Grade 

Lauren Tucker, 4th Grade 

Amanda Bosko, 5th Grade 

Ronnie Porter, 5th 

Master Designations: 

BettyJo Johnson, 3rd Grade

Brooke Thompson, 3rd Grade

Cynthia Hernandez, 4th Grade


Raymond Mays Middle School: 

Recognized Designations: 

Logan Rawls, 8th Grade Math

Lori Hobbs, 6th Grade Science 

Stacey Gaskamp-Golden, 7th Grade Math

Exemplary Designations: 

Kasi Jackson, 8th Grade Science

Master Designations: 

Bethany Tucker, 8th Grade Reading

Lori Negron, 7th Grade Writing

Shayla Rawls, 7th Grade Reading


Troy High School: 

Recognized Designations: 

Amber Guin, English

Terri McMurtry, English

Exemplary Designation: 

Aimee LaFevers, Biology


Recognized Teachers:

Recognized TIA Recipients group photo of teachers holding awards


Exemplary Teachers

Exemplary TIA Recipients group photo of teachers holding awards


Master Teachers

Masters TIA Recipients group photo of teachers holding awards


TISD proudly recognizes these 26 teachers for their continuous demonstration of excellence and outstanding representation of our district.