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Honor a 2022 Graduate with a Donation to TEEF

Posted Date: 05/05/2022



Congratulations Class of 2022! 

Honor your favorite Troy High School Class of 2022 Senior by donating $22 for the Class of 2022 to TEEF. TEEF will send certificates to honored seniors notifying them of your support and we will have a special social media post listing all honored seniors and their donors prior to graduation—$22 for ’22.  A great way to honor our THS Seniors!

Donations will be accepted via VENMO @TEEFTroy or snail mail sent to P. O. Box 98, Troy, TX 76579.  The donor will need to include the name of the Senior they are donating in honor of and how they want their name(s) listed.  The information needs to be received by May 18th to be included in the Honor the Seniors in the class of ’22 before graduation.


TEEF honors class of 2022.